Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hello! I am in Colorado. Finally got up here. They installed Internet, so I am on line. This will be short as I had company from the moment I got here and today I'm trying to catch up. Just wanted to let you know I am here and will be posting here regularly from now on...well as long as the Internet works. Ha!
I'll write more tomorrow.
Til Then~

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hello All!
Made it back from Kansas. I stayed a few more days than I planned, but I hadn't seen my grandparents for over a year. My grandfather is 98 and grandma is 97. They are currently residing in an assisted living center and for their age are doing exceptionally well. My grandmother still talks about wanting to cook and my grandfather longs to go fishing. He said he would have no problem making it over the rocks in his wheel chair. Hmmmm.
I'm in the process of packing. Getting ready to make the big move to Colorado. I will not post for a few days. On Tuesday, May 23rd though, I will write and let you know how we did on the trip. (My sister-in-laws are going up with me for a while.) I will be getting the Internet hooked up there then.
I'm trying to figure out what to take--what I need. Already have decided on some things-computer, camera, printer, etc. Which books to take are the big decisions. So many I haven't read and then quite a few I need as reference. Oh well, it will come together I'm sure.
Three days and counting.
I will try to write while I am here these next few days, but if I don't, I will write again, like I said, on Tuesday. We have so much to talk about.
Oh, a big thanks to Rinda for responding to the blog. We will keep our promises.
I will write soon.
Til Then~

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello All~

Once again, I have been slack about writing. Yesterday was the last day of my teaching. I feel ambivalent about it. I didn't like teaching and then I did. I'm looking at this as just another corner I must turn. It's time to move so many areas and so I will.
The writer's conference once again, motivated me to get to my computer and work on writing projects instead of teaching projects. Today, I caught up on my sleep, took care of some business, and am now planning the rest of my life.
Tomorrow, I am going to Kansas for a few days to visit my grandmother. She is 96. She is always a source of inspiration and motivation. I have not seen her for two years.
When I return on Monday I will tell you not only about the visit, but we will get in to the poet's life. :-)
Til Then~

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So many things to learn, so little time. Got back from the conference late Sunday. Did not write yesterday like I said I was going to because I was trying to recover. I was so ill, but am feeling better now.
As I mentioned earlier, I learned a lot this weekend. It's truly amazing how many small hints and tips can add up to mega knowledge.
For instance, concerning this blog. I didn't think anyone was reading it because no one ever commented. Then I found out - this weekend - that I had to look in a different area to find the comments from readers. Duh! So, going to be doing some investigating this afternoon and see who I've been ignoring.
Tomorrow I will write about some of the people I had the opportunity to see and hear at the conference. Once I rested and thought about the weekend, I realized I had a fantastic time.
Til Tomorrow~

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wow! How time flies! I hadn't posted for a while because I was trying to get the book finished and get ready for a big conference. I can't believe it has almost been a month. Where does the time go?
On the news front, I DID get the book finished and turned in. A major accomplishment, considering back in February, it didn't look possible. I must admit March and April passed in blurs.
Currently, I am getting ready for a writer's conference. Leaving tomorrow for that and will not return until Monday. Looking forward to seeing several writer friends and making new ones. I have my presentation ready, now if all the shepherds take their job as seriously as I've tried to let them know it is, I'll be fine.
Wednesday of next week, I teach my last Creative Writing Class to my high schoolers. It has been a ride, but now I'm narrowing down the number. I've had an increase, but it is hard to keep track of them all and this past year has been a disappointment for me. I will be teaching a limited number on line and look forward to doing some fun and different stuff with them. We'll see.
In the meantime, I am packing, getting ready to head to Colorado this summer. I look forward to my quiet time. Going to lose the weight that seems to have found my over these hectic past few months. Also, plan to write a few books up there and record some more instructional CD's to sell in the store here online.
I have been somewhat frightened at the change getting ready to occur. I have taught for over ten years. In a few weeks, I will be basically unemployed. I have been turning down teaching jobs right and left. I know it's something I've been supposed to do for years, it's just difficult in the doing.
Must run. Finish up for the weekend. I'm also grading papers for my kids.
Will write Monday when I get back from the conference.
Til Then~