Monday, December 10, 2007

Yikes! The ice storm doesn't cometh, it is hereth. The limbs on our trees are almost on the ground. One branch broke earlier this morning and crashed into our fence. Thank goodness we don't have to worry about animals escaping.
We still have electricity. Unfortunately, both our kids don't. Our daughter who lives in Kansas lost hers two nights ago. Our son and his wife lost theirs about two hours ago. We have little baby, so I'm hoping we keep ours on. So far, so good. Our electrical lines are underground, but the transformers are up on poles. As long as those hold, we'll be good. If those go, welll.... We do keep flickering. Went off for a little bit then came back on. But hey, as long as it's on, I say that's good.
I am almost completely caught up with my writing assignments. Got to do some edits today. Then later on in the week, I'll edit the two interviews I've done. Should be finished in plenty of time before we take off for Christmas. I don't plan to be back in this office until January 5.
So, if I don't get a chance to write before then, happy holidays to everyone reading this.
Until Next Time~

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

To blog everyday or NOT to blog everyday. That seems to be the question. I was making an attempt to blog every day and then I read that wasn't necessary and readers actually didn't like it when one blogged every day. Then, I read just over the last week that one should blog every day because it allows the search engines more words so you can be found and readers want to know what the blogger is doing.
I'm thinking maybe they would want to know what celebrities are doing and maybe if my family and I were working on a project, readers would want to read a daily blog, but just me...I don't know.
I guess it boils down to each his own-how he feels about the blog and if he has anything to say. If I was on a grand tour or if I had made the Bestseller's List and was being interviewed by Matt Lauer or Oprah, then I might have cause to blog every day. As it stands now, I think probably once a week is good for me.
Until Next Week...or if I get a call from M or O.