Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sorry, but I didn't get around to writing yesterday. I taught class from 9:30 to 4. I thought I would have enough energy to come home and write my blog, but by the time I did get to the office, I was literally 'brain dead'. I was barely able to remember my name. My kids though, they are something else. Bright, motivated. Several of them brought journals and showed me that they had been journaling over the summer. I was so proud of them. They are funny. They keep me so on my toes. I like sparring with them. They are good kids and good writers. I hope as they get older, some day they look back and remember when we did creative writing. I hope they remember the lessons I am trying to instill in them. Be strong and courageous!
Today, I was neither. I walked around droplets away from tears. Several times, I felt tears well in my eyes and I blinked them back sooooo determined not to cry. (This is one of those parts of being a writer. I guess one could say, the 'dark side'.) I was so sad about several things I've heard, seen, and experienced the past week. They didn't have anything to do with the hurricanes, just life in general.
A silly thing happened today too. I was at Barnes and Noble. I had to go out and do some errands for everyone else. You know how I feel about that. I hate it. I keep thinking about the time I'm wasting running around doing mindless stupid things when where I really want to be is at my keyboard writing. Anyway, I was at Barnes & Noble, looking at the books, becoming encouraged by the topics I saw on the shelves, then I saw a cover that was beautiful. I ran my hand across it and tears welled in my eyes. Boy, that would have been embarrassing to start crying in the bookstore. But this book cover was so pretty. I want a book cover like that. I don't remember the title, but I do remember it was red and gold. The author was female. I remember that because I immediately decided I hated her. She had this gorgeous hardback book published and I was out taking keys back to an apartment for my daughter, going by the accountant to deal with doomed projects for my husband, running by the college for my son, and the bank for all three of them.
What I wanted to do was stay home. Okay, so the roofers were hammering overhead and my ceiling was falling down in my office.
All I've ever wanted, since I've been old enough to know better, was to be a writer. I want to write books with meaning, books that tell stories, and books that will touch people.
This morning I was reading one of Sabrina Jeffries' books before I had to run off on many a fool's errands. I so did not want to go.
So sad, the life of a writer. A writer has to be able to sit down and write. A writer has to have a product (a Book) before she can sell it. So here I am. At 11:00 PM going to work. Will I ever be able to have male working hours? My grandmother always use to say, "A man works from sun to sun. A woman's work is never done." No truer words....
Til Tomorrow~

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Hal Zina Bennet's book, "Write From the Heart", in one of his core concepts, he writes, "It's ironic to discover that the critics who stop us in our tracks are within us...."
I received an email today from an old friend who finally started writing. I say finally because all her life she believed she couldn't. One of her pieces is being published in the Upper Room Devotional next fall. She is thrilled because she writes, "all from somebody who learned in school that "I can't write."
Years ago, when I began encouraging my mother to start writing her memoirs, her words to me were, "I can't write...or spell."
"Hogwash," I told her. "You talk to people and you know how to use a dictionary. Write like you would talk to somebody and any words you're not sure about, look up."
She took that advice and five years later is happily plodding along in Volume 3 of her life story.
It's not just non-writers who are plagued by the "I can't write's." I am amused at those non-writers who think writers sit down at the keyboard and words magically appear in our heads and we spew forth great wisdom and stories. On more than one day a week, my word count is in the negative category not the positive.
I sit down at the keyboard with good intentions. While I was soaking in the tub, plots formed, I was able to solve the national debt problem, and come up with a New York Times Bestseller all at once. The minute I get dressed and sit at my desk, I can't figure out how to keep my pencil lead from breaking, much less think about a plot line. I have banged my head on my desk, thought about shooting my monitor, and have amused myself by counting how many times the cursor will flash as it sits at the end of the word 'the'.
I've uttered those words, "I can't write." And many times I have meant them, yet after a while that feeling passes and I think, "why can't I?" I write a letter to my inner critic and ask him. He doesn't know why, so I begin by pretending I'm having a conversation with an old friend. Any words that look strange to me, I look up in the dictionary. I write and after 500, 1000, 1500 words, I see 'I can write' and the critic is silenced for another day.
Silence yours by writing. Your composition doesn't have to be Shakespeare, just words.
Til Tomorrow~

Monday, September 26, 2005

Today, has proved a most interesting day already. I went in to check my email and write a few. When the mail wouldn't send, I thought I'd work on something else for a while and try to send my mail later. Now, I can't even open my Outlook program at all. Don't know where the stupid thing went. I'm getting very frustrated and frankly would like to take a hammer to the thing. However, I am taking deep breaths and vow to remain calm, no matter how frustrated I get.
With that in mind, we shall move on. Be forewarned however, if you email me today, I may not get back to you.
For those of you who are curious about the cost of my classes at Church of the Servant. The creativity class titled "The Courage to Create" is $15 and the Journaling class is $30. The creativity class is two weeks. The journaling class is four. The updates should be noted on my website sometime this week.
It looks like I may be doing some classes for the Edmond Parks and Recreation Department. If I can find my email program, the director sent me a form to fill out so we can get schedule some classes through them. There will be a small fee for those classes as well. The price will depend on how many individuals want to take the class.
I am continuing to work on my plan to do online classes. Will keep you posted as things progress.
I leave you with this thought and quote by James M. Barrie today--"The life of every man is a diary in which he means to write one story and writes another; and his humblest hour is when he compares the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it."
Until Tomorrow~

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yesterday, I taught the Writing the Non-fiction Book Proposal Class at the Edmond Library. After the workshop was over, I talked to Ronna about getting the Spring workshop on the calendar. We set the date for March 11, 2006, Saturday, from 10 to 12. I will be speaking on writing the Interview Article. There is quite a bit people should know about interviewing and writing this type of piece. With the advent of the Internet too, interview pieces are becoming easier and easierbecause writers can do email interviews. Interview subjects like doing email interviews because they can answer questions at their own pace. They can see what they've written and edit if necessary. A writer likes email interviews because instead of spending hours transcribing tapes and looking for quotes, he can find the quote he needs, then cut and paste. This process has benefits for an editor and his publishing company as well because the 'cut and paste' method can cut down on mis-quotes. It's actually a win-win for interviewer and interviewee.
Will be putting this up on my "Classes" webpage sometime this week. I'll write more tomorrow on a writer's life.
Til Then~

Friday, September 23, 2005

Okay, I am here again. I can't seem to get settled to get in the office and write this. Today, I am getting ready for class tomorrow. Then tomorrow night we are supposed to go over to David's sister's house and have a small anniversary thing for his uncle and wife.
I have been also watching the hurricane come on in to Texas.
I'm trying to decide if I want to go on and delete earlier blogs I have written. I don't know that many of them will or should even be read. I so want for this to be an educational forum for people to come and check out and learn something about the publishing business. I'm afraid all it's been so far is a waste of time and cyberspace.
I must have to say though. After this weekend, I should be able to spend more time in the office. I've simply got to. I have questions to write for that interview with Sabrina Jeffries, plus I've got to get ready for another class on Wednesday. I have simply got to get better organized and disciplined.
Okay, d-day is Sunday. I will get better at this whole thing.
Til Then~

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm back. Finally. Meant to write yesterday, but was out of the office allllll day long. Today, I was out most of the day, but tonight I'm back and trying to get my brain to function so I can work. Was up at 4 this morning and have been on the run.
I talked to my cousin last night who is a song writer, no it was Monday Night. What is today? I am so tired I can't even think.
I've got six days to get ready for the first day of class for my kids and less than that to prepare for my library workshop. I've put a file somewhere with my handouts in it. Yikes!
Okay, okay. I promise to write about the insecurities of writers tomorrow or Friday. Tonight I am feeling very insecure and in a word downright stupid. This is one of those days when I go around asking myself 'what do you think you are doing?' Right now, I don't know.
And I call myself a writer??????????????
Til Then~

Monday, September 19, 2005

My word. I can't believe I am only now getting back to my blog. Since I have been home all I have been doing is running. Hopefully tomorrow is the last 'lost' day I will have. I say lost because the things I have been doing have not benefitted me in my writing. I have been doing catch up famly stuff. We are supposed to have a roofer come and put a new roof on. Today, my housekeeper is coming to clean. I've been picking up so she can clean. I couldn't believe how the family was living with me gone. Good grief, you would think they were blind with how much dust is on everything. Anyway.
I spoke at a writer's group last Saturday. I'm teaching this week at the Library. Besides having to get ready for my kids, I've been trying to get ready for the Saturday class. I need more of me.
Tomorrow, David wants me to meet him. I guess we are going to get another vehicle. Gawd, I hope GMC does a better job with this one than they did with the last one we bought. I am NOT happy with them at all.
I am planning on writing here tomorrow. If not, Wednesday, I'll be back for sure. Next time, I'll write about the insecurity of writers.
Til Then~