Friday, June 10, 2011

Epiphanies come at the most unusual and unexpected times. One happened to me just yesterday. I am a natural teacher. Deep down I've always known it. I guess that was what was so surprising to me. It just jumped out of no where and hit me in the face.
I had been teaching my mother how to use her iPhone and then my sister called wanting to know about blogging, Twittering, and Facebook. I was sharing what I knew about all three and went I got off the phone, I felt really good. I had just taught my sister some things and it felt good to help.
It was then I realized that after I teach a writing class or finish a how-to book or article, I feel the same way. Writing how-to's or teaching and showing people how to do things comes naturally for me. But then I also love learning how to do things. I believe learning and then turning around and teaching what you've learned go hand in hand.
And to be perfectly honest, I love it. Teaching people through classes or writing seems to be my drug of choice. I'll take it. What is yours?
Until next time, keep writing.