Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coming on Monday, I will be giving you at least a weekly, if not some weeks daily updates of a writer's life and how a writer works. I am currently working on interviews for F&W, doing publicity for OWFI, revising the trucker's book, and am in the process of securing a contract for another travel guide book.
All this will keep me busy well into 2009. Thank goodness. With everyone talking about how terrible the economy is, I am happy just to have a job. So many don't.
Anyway, beginning Monday, January 5, I will be logging in telling you how it's going and how many words I get written. It will be a log of the book, how it started, how it's going, all the way to the end. It should be an education for everyone--including me.
Keep Writing. We still have 20 days left in this month and one can get a lot of words written in 20 days.