Monday, April 10, 2006

It's amazing how as we get older our views on life change and time speeds up. Many years ago, my duaghter complained a lot because she was always bored. She always said she had nothing to do. I told her to enjoy those down times because one day she would have to much she had to do she wouldn't get to what she wanted to do. She laughed, but today, lack of time is what she complains about. "If I only I could go back to when I was 15, 16," she said the other day. "I had all kinds of time then."
I remember when I was young, I thought the same thing. I also never thought about the future, leaving something behind. Today, I think about that quite a bit. Perhaps one of the major things that got me to thinking about that was a letter one of my cousins found and sent me when we were actively researching our family tree. It was from one of my great grandmothers. She had committed suicide by hanging herself in the barn. Before she did however, she wrote a letter. telling why. To me the letter wasn't as significant as was the fact that I had never heard her name mentioned until I received the email from cuz. Through all her pain and suffering, even after her death, it seemed no one cared enough to talk about her. I understand about family shame from suicide and the stigma attached especially since our family always claimed to be a deeply religious one. However, because of that, it would seem discussion would be warranted to prevent it from happening again.
There are a lot of places I could go with this, but will stop here and let you ponder your time and circumstances today. Remember, tomorrow is another day.
Til Then~

Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's getting ready to storm here. We've been hearing about it for a week now. That's one thing about where we live--the storms. Should be used to them having lived here for so long..and the storms that occur in life. It's amazing how life imitates nature.
Life can be sailing right along, sun shining and clear. Then bam, clouds roll in and before you know it, you're wondering whether you are going to survive or not.
I've learned you have to hold out for the sunshine.
Your writing career may not be where you want it to be. You may be in the middle of a storm, but be patient. As a friend once told me, this too shall pass.
Til Tomorrow~

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today is another busy day for me. I had to take off yesterday. It's just as well I did. I was standing in the middle of the craft store, stamp aisle, when a book began to unfold. I rambled through my purse, digging out pen, but couldn't find any paper. Rushing to the next aisle, I grabbed one of the store's loose scrapbooking papers and jotted down my thoughts. The check out girl wasn't thrilled, but I DID buy the paper.
On the way home, I kept thinking and thinking about the story. It's a good one. I can't wait until I can get started on it. Looks like that will be the end of May. YUK!
I also have an article outlined somewhere around here. I've got to find that as it will be an easy piece (she says optimistically) to write.
Am trying to get to editors/agents, get classes ready, etc., so will run. Catch you tomorrow.
Til Then~

Monday, April 03, 2006

Time to think as you write--now there's a novel idea. It's amazing to me how many people out there think anyone can sit down and write a book. Believe me, those of us who are in the trenches, know that's not true. I've picked up books before and asked what was this person thinking. Parts didn't make sense, the plot was contrived. One book I read, actually it was requested for review, didn't have ANY punctuation. No period, comma, semi-colon was found through the entire "hard bound" piece of trash. They said the book was experimental. I guess. It was the most worthless piece of trash I had ever picked up. In addition to that, there were no paragraphs. Everything ran together. What was the editor smoking when he took that thing? Okay, enough of this. I digress. Back to thinking as we write.
A writer has to have time to sit and think while he writes. Staring in to space, letting your characters lead you, listening for what they have to say is all a part of the creative process. Most people, my husband included, think a writer goes in, a line shines down on them and wala, a story/book/article is born. They think it can be hammered out in 10 minutes or so. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When the general populace tries their hand at writing and they discover how truly difficult it is, most drop the idea of being an author like a hot potato. Authors/writers are truly a rare breed. We sit, listen, and think. Imagine that.
Til Tomorrow~