Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whew!What a busy past month I have had. I completed the book, buuuuuttttt , I am still waiting on a contract from my publisher, so I am holding the manuscript for ransom. Also am finishing up a short story within the next few days . It started out as a little bitty thing that grew in to a 4000 word tiger. Got to edit it and then it will be ready to go. Wrote 4 1/2 pages of back story before I started the manuscript itself. Yikes! It probably could have been a full blown book, but alas a short story is what it is.
I'm leaving on Thursday to go back to Oklahoma for a while. It will be a hectic time. Swinging through Kansas to see my ailing grandparents. The doctors don't think they will around for much longer, so....
When I get back up here I have to get back to work on the trucker book. I plan to have it completed by the end of the year. I know my editor will appreciate that as he's been waiting on if for a year. Yikes!
Best be off. Have big plans for my writing career. Will discuss them more in a later blog.
Until then, Keep Writing~

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall is most definitely here. I am still in Colorado. It is cloudy and cool with a hint of a breeze. A few minutes ago, I heard a bull elk bugle. I looked out my office window and there he was pushing his herd of girls up the hill toward the golf course.
I've been here at the keyboard since 8:00 this morning working on the latest edition of Off the Beaten Path. I've done about 15 phone interviews, scribbled, rewritten, worked on an index, sent an email to an editor and wrote a blurb for a local business. It's amazing what one can get done when one tries. Ha! But the elk were a welcome sight. I needed the break and didn't realize how stiff I was until I stood up. Yikes!
"America's Got Talent" announced our winner. Did your contestant win? Mine did. I was so happy for Neal A. Boyd, I can't even begin to tell you. I was worried as there were so many talented people competing. I wanted Eli to win as well as Nothin' but Strings, but Neal was always my top choice. His voice is simply incredible. I have to admit, I have spent the last two weeks gloating in his win. Can't wait to watch the October 17th performance. My main phrase to my daughter is 'there is justice in the world afterall'. At least where that program in concerned.
We won't get in to politics. As far as I'm concerned, everybody in Washington and those getting ready to go to Washington are nuts. I don't trust any of them farther than I can throw them and I can't throw them far. I honestly think we'd be better off with Porky Pig as President, but that's just MHO.
In the meantime, what to do with our time since winter is approaching. How about hauling out those notes on the book you've been intending to write, brushing the dust away, and getting started on it while the weather is cold and nasty outside? Lord knows when it warms up, you'll find all kinds of excuses to keep you away from the keyboard.
Now's the time to get started. Use those extra hours inside to get that book written. Don't forget Nano is coming up in November. That might be a motivator for you..if you need it. The bottom line is write this winter.
Til Next Time~