Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday's Tragedy

Hello Readers~

     Like everyone across America, we are all struggling to make sense of what happened in the CT school, Friday morning. I am doubling struggling as I had a premonition, actually several, but as my psychic abilities aren't honed as they should be, couldn't and was powerless to say or do anything about the tragic events.
    I have had premonitions in the past. I get the ability from my mother. She gets it from her family. While she has had feelings something bad is going to happen before large catastrophic events, this time it cut a little too close to home for me.
    A month ago, I had a dream about an elementary school getting shot up by an intruder. I remember getting the call, going to the school, looking for my five-year-old grandson, and finding he was one of the victims. The dream and the mere thought was so horrific to me, I only mentioned part of it to my daughter. I thought, because it's the way I believe, that if I didn't speak about it, the events couldn't possibly happen. After all, who in their right mind would kill innocent children? And it was just a dream.
   A little under two weeks ago, my mother texted me. She told me she had this "bad feeling" like something was going to happen. My heart sank and I told my co-worked about my mother's other intuitive moments like when Oklahoma City was bombed and 9/11 happened. Typically, within two weeks of her "feeling" something happens. I also told him it was so frustrating because even though there are these "feelings", we don't know what they pertain to, when or where things will happen. It's just like "we know", which can make you "mind crazy".
    Thursday morning, I woke up to a deep dark feeling. I described it to my mom as being depressed, but it was more than that. I've been depressed before and this was different. Every time I turned around I felt tears in my eyes. I searched for the cause of my heaviness and a reason was not there. I almost had all my Christmas shopping completed, work was going good, my daughter and I were planning a day out on Friday. There was no reason for me to feel the way I did. It didn't make sense.
   I decided to ignore them. I prayed that God take the feelings away and I got busier on my Christmas cards, every time I felt my eyes well up. Basically I shoved and blocked the feelings away. That was all I could do or so I thought.
   I've thought a lot about what has happened. While I know I am not responsible for the acts of a madman, I do feel a certain amount of responsibility for the fact that I didn't start interceding in prayer immediately. Could angels have been dispatched to stop the madman? Could all the children been protected?  Could police have arrived earlier?
    Through this event, I have decided I will learn more about psychic abilities, see what I can do to develop them, and when I come across those feelings again, even though I don't know where or when evil events may be happening, start praying for God to intervene.
    I believe we all have intuitive abilities. It's up to us whether we choose to accept or ignore them.