Monday, June 30, 2008

Hello All! Things happen fast in my life and I lose track of time. I will try to catch you up, but know I will forget something.
My son and his wife sold their house. They have been traveling back and forth to Colorado looking for a place. I have been keeping baby for extended periods. That's okay, because he really is a good baby. We took him to the zoo earlier today and he loved the sea lions. I had him right up next to the tank glass. They would swim right up to him and he would cackle. He loves them. He'll be spending the fourth with us while mom and dad go back up to look some more. They have not made any new contacts yet, but hopefully will once they get settled.
In the meantime, my husband is trying to finish air force bases and hotels.
We have been watching 'America's Got Talent'. Wow! Some of the people on there are incredibly talented. The winner not only gets one million dollars, but a contract in Vegas. As I watch the acts, some I can see in Vegas. Others, not so much. I am getting a little nervous though. I don't see how they can choose only one act among the many. The two guys who sing, opera and blues, and then there are the Russian Pole people, the family who remind everyone of the VonTrapp Family. I don't know. I think they should make different catgeories. I can't believe some of those people haven't been snapped up already by an agent. Some are so incredibly talented, I want them to win and I know everybody won't win. Boohoo!
Why is this mentioned in a writing blog? Because that's the way it is with writing and publishing. There are some incredibly talented people out there who are never discovered for various reasons. I think it's so sad. So much potential and yet some are never found. I do hope that the people who don't win though go on to get contracts. It's heartbreaking to think they have to go back to obscurity.
I personally have been working on an outline for a book series. It will be different from anything I have ever done, so we'll see.
Keep holding on to your dreams out there.
Til Next Time~