Saturday, March 02, 2013

Marketing vs Promotion

Hello Friends!

I just returned from a jaunt to Oklahoma. I went and did some booksignings and interviews about my latest book, "Remarkable Oklahoma Women". It was successful in the fact that I fulfilled my obligations and sold some books. With the Oklahoma weather in March, that's a success.

While I was there, I ran in to a few old writing students of mine. They caused me to remember a fallacy that some people have about writing and publishing. I first realized this lack of understanding some years ago when I spoke at the Southwest Writer's Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I was contracted to speak on Marketing at the conference. Marketing to me means something you do before you actually sell your book. It is actually something you do all the time because to be a successful author, I believe you have to market yourself beforehand.

I put all my marketing books out on the table, passed out handouts on how-to write query letters, proposals, etc., and began my session. About ten minutes in, a gentleman in the back raised his hand. I acknowledged him.

"We know how to do all that," he said, "but what can I do to sell the book after it's in print?"

Ah, he wanted to know about "promotion".

Promotion to me is about setting up booksignings, getting interviews, sending out postcards, etc., to promote your book when it is in print.

Needless to say, I was somewhat unprepared for the turn of events. However, I switched gears in mid stream and somehow managed to escape the session with my skin.

I've thought a lot about these two topics since then. Perhaps I'm mistaken in my belief, but I still maintain "marketing" is something you do before the sale, and "promotion" is what you do after.

What do you think?

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