Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Didn't get much accomplished yesterday, so today I am trying to be a much more disciplined writer. Baby is taking a nap right now. I so thought about taking a nap with him oooorrr just sitting in front of the tube, but NO, I told myself, 'get up and get to work'.
My husband and I have been working on a business for some time now. Since we take pictures and know tons of people who take pictures, this seemed like the perfect fit. We've always known that businesses take time, especially when we are working other jobs. Our goal is to get where he can quit his job and I can write without having to worry about teaching to make up for slack. Anywho, we've not been discouraged, because things are going quite well, we've just been doing what we know to do. But sometimes my husband can get impatient. Last night though, we were on a conference call where the speaker said, 'yes, you have goals, but as long as you work steadily, do something every day, you'll reach your goals. Don't think you have to do it all at once."
As she spoke, I thought that's the same way it is with writing. I recently had someone ask me how long it took me to write a book. I told her it depended. As I wrote earlier in the week, I finished the second rough draft of this one book I've been working on. It's going to need at LEAST two more rewrites before I can think about sitting down and line editing it. Things take time. Rome wasn't built in a day. Books aren't written overnight. But as long as I get away from the boob tube, don't lounge around, and write one word after another, day after day, I will complete my projects and reach my writing goals.
Til Tomorrow~


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